RIP Our Beloved Hector

Very sadly towards the end of 2017 we lost our beautiful boy and stud dog Hector - Didlington Walk On - due to a freak accident. We are all absolutely devastated as he was such a fantastic dog and in his prime. Hector's Mum was Pandi and his Dad, Digby. Hector proved he could match up to his Dad, Digby (well almost!) and produced some outstanding puppies in the past few years. We were very blessed to have had him with us - albeit for far too shorter time. We are very lucky to have his full sister, Puffin, who is also an outstanding dog and one of the biggest characters in our house!

RIP Lovely Boy - We miss you terribly but will never forget you! 














Didlington Walk On - Hector

14th December 2013 - 27th November 2017



5th December 2015

Our First Ever Didlington Doodle Walk!

Well, what can I say! Yesterday was the most fantastic fun! Twenty Didlington Doodles and their owners joined forces for our first ever DD Get Together and Walk in the New Forest. The New Forest is where I was born and grew up so there could not have been a more fitting venue. We all arranged to meet at Midday, and it was a brilliant effort on everyones part to spare the time as the festive season approaches and make the journey down to take part in this momentous occasion! Although some did travel a lot further than others. It was just wonderful to have so much enthusiastic support from what appeared to be very happy families and their incredibly well behaved DD's! Virtually all the dogs spent the walk off the lead and behaved impeccably - they were obedient, had fabulous fun together, took part in the Doodle Dash, and there was no agression or upset whatsoever between any of them. I was incredibly proud as their breeder to see how my pups had grown into such beautiful and handsome dogs and bitches. They were all well behaved, well trained, and very connected to their owners, but above all they were without exception really happy dogs with the true Labradoodle temperament. This is what I set out to achieve and I am delighted to see it has worked!! They were each and every one of them beautifully presented and obviously very well cared for by such passionate owners who just adored them. I certainly couldn't ask for more and this is exactly what I hope want for my pups when I breed a littter.


After the walk we descended on The Forest Park Hotel in Brockenhurst (highly recommended!) for a late lunch. We were warmly welcomed by the staff and had a yummy lunch joined by our Doodls. What a fabulous day and a huge thank you to all who took part.


Due to the success of the walk we now aim to make this an annual event which we hope to have on the first weekend in December each year. Plans are also afoot to have a Welsh Walk in the summer  - a bit closer for me! - and hopefully some of our more Central and Northern families and their DD's will be able to join us. Maybe we could even create a DD Doodle-Fest.....!!

We had another fantastic Didlington Doodle walk in the New Forest in early 2017 - again we had 20+ wonderful DD's join us and enormous fun was had by all!! Plans are afoot for our 2018 'Get Together!'.


Having Labradoodles is certainly about having fun and enjoying them. They are such happy, clown like, intelligent, crazy, loving and unbelievably wonderful additions to our lives - we are so fortunate to have them. This is what it is all about and now that we have started something, long may it continue!



Didlington Doodle Walk

December 2015


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