Older Dogs:

It is with huge sadness that occasionally we offer our ex-breeding bitches and dogs to very carefully selected homes. All our dogs are very much part of our lives and it is incredibly hard to part with them. Unfortunately though if we want to carry on with our breeding program we just simply cannot keep them all - we have to have a limit on our numbers. All the dogs live in the house with us, and spend their lives with us, and unless we move into a castle (!) there just simply isn't room to keep adding to our numbers. The bitches will generally be about six years old, are spayed, fully vet checked, vaccinated etc. when they leave us. However taking on one of our older dogs isn't as easy as you might think and they all need to go to very experienced dog owners who live in a country environment, have older children (12 +), or no children at all. Although our grand children visit regularly, the dogs are not used to the unpredicatablility of young children and I would not be happy for them to go to a young family household. As most of you know we live in a very rural isolated part of the country, the dogs are walked on our 25 acre farm, mostly off the lead and are not used to traffic and a busy urban situation. Saying that they are well trained, obedient, and walk well on the lead, are used to travelling in the car and are of course all completely house trained. Having lived with us for the whole of their lives they could also be a little nervous to start with, as moving to a new home would be a huge change for them, hence they would need an experienced, patient and understanding home to go to.


As I've said all our dogs are house dogs, and live with us as part of the family - they are of course fully house trained and not used to living in a kennel. We would want them to remain like this and would not want anything less for them.


If you are looking for an older dog and fit the criteria as outlined above do get in touch and we can have a chat and go from there. As I've said all potential homes and new owners will be highly vetted, and we would also like to do a home visit to ensure the environment is right and safe - we will not re-home our dogs lightly as I am sure everyone will understand. 




Medium F1B Labradoodle Mum


Miniature F1 Labradoodle Mum

5 Month Old Pup


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