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A Very Warm Welcome to our Website!


Here at Didlington Doodles We Breed Standard, Medium and Small Medium

What We Consider to be

Utterly Adorable Labradoodles


Solid and Occasionally Parti-Colours



In the following pages we will tell you a bit about our fun filled journey of discovery with our Labradoodles over the past ten years


We will endeavor to clear some of the fog by explaining the 'F' word and the Labradoodle generations

Describe the different coat types

Give you allergy information and bring light to the multitude of myths around this


We will introduce you to our wonderful family of dogs

Tantalise you with photo's of our past and present Mums, Dads and Pups


Give you information on present and anticipated litters


We hope you enjoy the following pages!


All the photo's on this website are of our own dogs, and we are proud to say that the majority of them have been bred by us


















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Didlington Doodles

Shropshire/Powys/Hereford Border

United Kingdom




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