News and Plans for 2022

Well what an extraordinary few years we've had! Hopefully we are now approaching a little more normality but life doesn't seem quite the same as it was 'before' 

Not that our Didlington Doodles have noticed!!

We are obviously very careful where our pups go and as a consequence of the '2020 Puppy Boom and Madness'! we now have an extremely  detailed questionnaire that we send out to all potential new owners.


Living in deepest Wales (actually we are only just over the border but some modern inventions have taken quite a time to get here!) our internet has been terrible, but we now have a slightly better link and are able to do Skype and Zoom calls which is brilliant!  This means that from the outset we can (virtually) meet all prospective new owners prior to going ahead with a puppy sale, which is excellent from our point of view and also the prospective new puppy parents. 


This year (2021) our hopes were realised and Yoshka, our young parti coloured girl who is a Tux and Puddie daughter, had her first litter of absolutely stunning pups.  A mix of solid colours and merles - a new line in our breeding.


Today en-mass we went to the Veterinary Eye Hospital to have our final four dogs to be done BVA eye tested, and they all passed with no problems. So our next generation are now all fully health tested for BVA Hips/Elbows with good results, BVA eye tested all clear, and all DNA tested for the relevant breed diseases with no problems.

Our first litter is anticipated for early 2022, and we will probably have about three more litters throughout the year. We are hoping to have an array of colours including brown, cream, parti, phantom, merle, possibly sable and possibly black - all depending on the Dad's we use and the colours they carry.


We have a waiting list running which is filling rapidly, but if you are  interested in being considered for one of our pups do please get in touch. We will give you further information on our future plans and anticipated waiting times. 

We do vet all potential homes.

Many thanks for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy looking through the rest of our pages





Our New Stud Dog
(pronounced Yolo)
















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Here at Didlington Doodles We Breed Standard and Medium Sized

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In the following pages we will tell you a bit about our fun filled journey of discovery with our Labradoodles over the past ten years


We will endeavor to clear some of the fog by explaining the 'F' word and the Labradoodle generations

Describe the different coat types

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Alaska/RocketMan Daughter born September 2020