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Our most recent stud dog was Nantucket Delaware known as Tux.  

He is a brown and white parti coloured Standard Poodle from excellent health tested bloodlines.

We imported him from The Czech Republic in 2015.

He has been fully health tested and has an excellent PennHIP result and clear BVA eyes.

He has been DNA tested for all the relevant Standard Poodle tests - all of which have comeback clear.

He is a delightful chap, very bright, easy to train and full of fun.

He has sired some fabulous puppies for us and we now have two of his daughters in our breeding program.

At the end of 2020 we retired Tux from stud duties and he is now enjoying life without the hassle of girls!

This means we can bring in some new bloodlines to our breeding program
We are hoping that Iolo will take his place as our next stud dog 


Tux and His Daughter Yoshka


Didlington Strutt Your Stuff!


Grandpa to so many of our Didlington Doodles

Didlington Strutt Your Stuff (Digby) was the very first Didlington Doodle to be born. From the minute he arrived he was special and we were very honoured to have him in our lives. He was a blue Standard F3B and his Mum was Stroodle, our first Labradoodle. He was highly intelligent and ruled the roost here at home! He had excellent health testing results.  Digby really stamped his pups and so many were clones of him in both temperament and looks. He carried black, blue and cream and he also sired tuxedo pups.
Very sadly we lost Digby in April 2020 at the ripe old age of 13.

He will never be forgotten and his legacy lives on 

We absolutely adored him!

Didlington Walk On



Didlington Walk On (Hector) was our Medium sized stud dog. He was an F2B with an excellent coat.  He was bred by us and was Digby and Pandi's Son.



Hector was PennHip scored and his results were outstanding. He had tighter hips than over 90% of all Labradoodles PennHip scored so we are delighted! He also has a clear BVA Eye Test Certificate. He was a Tuxedo British Labradoodle and carried the parti gene and brown.


Hector had some fabulous litters of pups. He produced parti's and tuxedo's in both black and brown, solid blacks and solid browns. Absolutely beautiful pups so we are very proud of him!


Hector stood at about 19" at the shoulder and was a real character! Great fun and very bright.


We lost Hector at only the age of 5 due to a freak accident. We were devastated. 

Our Present Stud Dog  

Nantucket Deleware
Purebred Standard Brown and White Parti-Coloured Poodle


All the photo's on this website are owned by Didlington Doodles and no one has the right to reproduce or use them without prior permission!

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