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Anticipated Litters for 2024

This year we are anticipating some repeat litters as we were so delighted with the success of the pups who arrived last year - they  were such a huge success!

We are also adding our wonderful Tiggy who will hopefully be a first time Mum.

Below is anticipated dates although of course these 100% depend on when the Mum's decide to come on heat!

The dates below are approximate puppy arrival dates....

Approx June

Tiggy and Rupert - Standard Double Doodles

Approx August
Alaska and Rocket Man - Medium/Small Standard Labradoodle

Approx October
Hebe and Woody - Medium/Small Standard GoldenDoodles

Approx October/November
Kaiya and Rupert - Standard GoldenDoodles

If you would like to be added to our waiting lists for any of the above litters do please get in touch and we will send you further information.


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