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Pandi and Digby

Medium Sized Pups



Pandi - Mum 

Not Long Before Having the Pups!


Digby - Dad

Pandi's Pups arrived bang on time and are coming on really well - as I write this I can hear them all singing, and gulping milk in the background! They are now five days old. We are very pleased with this litter so far and the re filling out and gaining weight nicely - in fact they are all turning into round little porkers!! Pandi is of course being a fantastic Mum. Pandi has a total BVA hip score of 6 and a current clear eye certificate, and Digby has a total hip score of 10, ebows 0/0 and also a current clear eye certificate. These pups will be medium sized, approx between 18" and 19" at the shoulder when fully grown- about the size of a Springer Spaniel - and we have a variety of coats in the litter from very curly, to silky wavy and some more scruffy shaggy coatedwe think - although it is early days to tell for sure as yet. These pups are full siblings to Hector whom we kept from Pandi's last litter two years ago and is now our young stud dog producing exceptional pups himself now. Hector has the best health testing of all our dogs


Pandi and the Pups - 4 Days Old

Pups from Pandi and Digby's Last litter (Full siblings)

Father and Son

Hector and Digby

A Few More Pics of Mum and Dad!

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