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Binka and Hector 2015


We are delighted to say that after a few 'no goes' Binka was in finally in pup! She had seven stunning puppies at the end of June


In the litter there was a mix of blacks, two true parti's and one of our rare Tuxedo’s just like Dad - this was Checkie who we are keeping and all being well she will take Binka's place one day. The pups have varying coats - some are very curly, some have scruffier wavy/silky coats and Libby has a completely smooth coat! We anticipate the  pups maturing to between approximately 16” and 19” at the shoulder. The boys are generally slightly bigger than the girls. Both Binka and Hector have lovely temperaments. Health wise Binka and Hector both have clear BVA eye tests, Binka’s annual test was done in June and Hector's in November 2014. Hector has been PennHIP scored (an American system which measures the laxity of the hip joint and is considered to be far more accurate in determining whether the dog has a propensity to hip dispacia) and his result is excellent - he has tighter hips than over 90% of ALL Labradoodles PennHIP scored and has no evidence of Degenerative Joint Disease. Binka has been BVA hip scored and has an excellent result of a total of 6 and an elbow score of 0/0 which is perfect. Both Binka and Hector’s parents and grandparents were also hip scored with excellent results. They also all have clear BVA eye tests.


All Our pups are sold having had a full vet check, they are micro chipped and will have had their fist vaccination. The pups are born and brought up in our busy home and are used to all household noises including washing machines, hoovers, TV, radio etc etc. They will have been introduced to our other dogs and cats and meet all our visitors including Grandchildren!


Update - September 2015. We have just one puppy available from this litter now. This is Beebo. She is an absolute honey. She is all black with a scruffy wavy coat and she will have hazel eyes like her Mum. She is full of fun and adores to cuddle up on your lap at night. Beebo now has a lovely new home.




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