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Our First Litter of All True Parti and Tuxedo Labradoodles!
(We are hoping to repeat this breeding in the Spring 2016)
Yes! Pups on the way! Due in early June

A true Parti Labradoodle is one with a white base coat of more than 50% and a secondary colour. That secondary colour may fall anywhere on the dog. This is one element that makes parti's so interesting. No two ever look exactly alike and having a litter of parti's is akin to opening presents... you just never know what you are going to  get!
The Tuxedo patterning looks as though the dog is wearing a dinner jacket. They have a white bib - this is colour on the chest, it may or may not wrap all the way around the dog's neck, a white belly - This "should" touch the bib, making a continuous white area. White that extends from the belly down to the front and hind legs and they can have a white muzzle and blaze.
This litter is quite unique and I don't think anyone else in the UK has achieved this yet by breeding British Labradoodle to British Labradoodle. (both Hector and Puddie were bred by us) There are some mismarks and abstracts around which people often describe as Parti's.
So I guess it's fair to say we are utterly delighted and very proud of this litter!!

Pups have arrived!

Puddie and Hector have given us an exceptional litter of 10 Small Medium pups!

They are ALL Black and White Parti or Tuxedo, and are all beautifully marked. The Parti's are just like Mum and the Tuxedo's just like Dad! We have a variety of coats - some very curly, some will be silky/wavy and some smoother/scruffy

We couldn't be more delighted!

We have spent years trying to achieve this and it is the first all parti/tuxedo litter we have bred.

This is also a first litter from our two home bred dogs and the pups should be very special.


Both parents have excellent health testing and lovely temperaments


Do contact us for further details


Reservations now being taken




Mum and Dad.

Previous Parti, Tuxedo and Abstract Pups


Previous Puddie Pups

Right and below

Previous Parti Pups

Coco - previous Puddie Pup from 2013

Coco went to live with her new family in Hong Kong

Above Previous Parti-Coloured Pups

Left Previous Abstract Puddie Pup


Hector and his Dad, Digby

(Didlington Strutt Your Stuff!)


Previous Puddie Pup 2013

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