Chime and Her New Beau 
Mr Rocket Man!

Pups Anticipated for Mid/Late September 2019

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Chime and Barney 2018

F1 Labradoodles - Born in September



This year (2019) we have chosen a new 'husband' for Chime. He is a very nice F2 Medium sized Labradoodle with good health testing and a lovely temperament. He is a bit smaller than Chime so the pups should be true mediums - approx 19" at the shoulder. We should get a mix of browns, creams and blacks 


In 2018 we have found a new 'husband' for Chime as very sadly we no longer have Hector - Dad to her two previous litters. Barney is a very nice brown working Labrador and this pairing will produce F1's which we haven't done for many years. We kept a gorgeous bitch puppy from this litter to continue on our lines and hopefully she will replace Chime as a new Mum when the time comes and become a future wife for Nantucket. 


Chime  is the most fabulous dog. Very loving, full of fun and very obedient, intelligent and easy to train. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her as she has such a wonderful temperament and demeanour. She is health tested with a good hip score and clear BVA eye certificate. She comes from a very good line of carefully bred and health tested Poodles.

Chime measures 19 1/2" at the shoulder.

Barney is just what we have been searching for. A lovely laid back dog with a super friendly temperament. He has outstanding health testing results including a hip score of 0/0 and is sire to some beautiful puppies.


Alaska - Our F1 Labradoodle Bitch Puppy (now nearly a year old!) from Chime and Barney's 2018 Litter

Here are Some Examples of F1 Labradoodles

Please remember that F1's are half Labrador and half Poodle so they generally do moult and are not suitable for people with allergies to hair. Saying this sometimes the pups will take after Mum and be curly coated and sometimes they will take after Dad and be completely smooth, so there is no guarantee as to the coat type.

As a general rule the curlier the coat the less the dog will moult

To me that's one of the beauties of the F1's - You never quite know and each pup is an individual.

They are NOT hypoallergenic 

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