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We are hoping to have another litter of Digby/Zita Pups

towards the end of this year/early next (2016)

Please contact us for details




British Australian Type Labradoodles - Medium/Standard Sized with excellent wavy/silky coats

The Australian Type Labradoodle is a mix of three accepted breeds - namely the Labrador, The Poodle and the

Spaniel, either Cocker or Springer or the Wheaten Terrier

Zita - Mum
Digby - Dad

Zita is a Cockerpoo, being a cross between a Red and White Show  Cocker Spaniel and a small Cream Standard Poodle.


She has the most fantastic, fun, lively and happy personality and loves everybody!


She is fully health tested with a good BVA Hip Score and a Current Clear BVA Eye Test Certificate


This is Zita's first litter of Pups. She has taken to motherhood really well and is doing a fantastic job. Her pups seem very calm and contented.

Digby is my Pride and Joy! He was in fact the very first Didlington Doodle to be born and has been spoiled rotten ever since - although I don't tell the others he has to be the best dog I have ever had! He has the most superb personality and is virtually human. He is full of fun and energy, is incredibly bright (usually to his own advantage!), and he is Number one dog in every way possible! His pups have all proved to be exceptional, with many going on to become assistance dogs, but most are just wonderful family fpets and friends. He loves children, other dogs, our cats and everybody. Indeed a very special dog.


Digby is fully Health Tested with a Good BVA Hip and Elbow Score, he has a current clear BVA Eye Certificate and has been PennHip Scored with good results and no evidence of DJD

Slideshow of this litter - click on image to the left



All the pups from this litter are sold. Zita will hopefully have pups again in the Autumn of 2015

We are hoping that for her next litter Hector will be Dad



British Australian Type


2014 Pups - Lottie, Biddles and Brynn

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