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Didlington Doodles Breeding Plans 2023

Sandy and Rocky
Medium?Small Standard Multi-Gen Labradoodle Pups Due Mid February

Alaska and Rocky
Medium/Standard F2 Labradoodles
Solid Creams and Browns - Very Like Sandy
A Variety of Coats 
Anticipated Spring 2023

Hebe and Rupert
Medium/Standard Goldendoodles
Multi colours and a high possibility of parti's
Excellent Coats
Anticipated Approx June/July

Kaiya and Rupert
Repeat Mating of Last Year
Standard F1bb Goldendoodles
Last year we had solid Golden, Black and White Parti's. Sable Parti's, Apricot Parti's and Tri-Coloured Parti's
Anticipated approx June/July

Tiggy and Jaxon or Rupert
Anticipated for July ish
Medium British Australian Type Labradoodles
Browns, Blacks and Creams possibly Merles?

Yoshka and Jaxon or Rupert
Anticipated October
Either British Australian Type Labradoodles to include Blacks, creams, browns and Merles if Jaxon

Standard Double Doodles with an array of parti and solid colours if Rupert






For Information on anticipated litters and available puppies please go to the next pages

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