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Puppy Prices 2024

Our Prices for this year are as follows and reflect the time, care, years of experience and professionalism that we put into rearing our very special pups.

Our dogs and Pups want for nothing and all the above is reflected 
in the temperament and confidence of our pups when they leave us and join their forever families.

Our pups are sold only as pets and not for breeding unless on very rare occasions this is discussed and agreed by us.


Solid Coloured Puppies:        £1800


Parti Coloured Puppies:         £2250

Phantom, Sable, Brindle and all different coat patterned  Puppies:               £2250


On reserving a puppy we ask for a 25% non-returnable deposit.

At 4 Weeks a second payment of 50% of the balance is due.

At 7 weeks final payment of the remaining balance is due. 

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