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These Puppies Were Exceptional!
We will be doing both these  breedings again at the end of 2024 - Do contact us if you would like to be added to our waiting list

We had 2 Litters of Goldendoodles in 2023

Our first litter arrived on 11th September and Mum was Hebe
(Madame Hebe of Didlington)  
and Dad was

Didlington Woody.  


11 stunning pups arrived!

Woody was bred by us, Mum being Kaiya (below) and Dad being Rupert (also below) 
He is a fabulous dog and an outstanding example of a Goldendoodle with the most unusual colouring and  excellent conformation. 
These pups will be Medium to Standard in size.

Both parents are fully health tested and DNA tested.

A fantastic mix of colours arrived including solid browns, blacks and goldens + three parti's - An apricot and white girl,

A brown and white girl


A black and white girl. 

Please Contact Us for Further Information and to be added to our 2024 Waiting List

Above Hebe - (Mum)
Right - The Pups!
Below - Woody - (Dad)

Our Second Litter Arrived on the 19th September

Kaiya and Rupert


In 2023 Kaiya and Rupert had 9 stunning Puppies - again a wonderful mix of colours including our rare parti's - Due to the success of the match between Kaiya and Rupert we see no reason to change anything and will be repeating this mating at the end of the year (2024) 
Please contact us if you would like to be added to our waiting list
Woody above is one of 
their offspring from 2022

The pups will be standard size and all have fabulous coats and wonderful temperaments.
ll their previous pups have all been a huge success!!


Both Kaiya and Rupert are fully health tested and DNA tested too
The colours and patterns they produced were amazing including black and white parti, tri coloured parti, sable brindle tuxedo, apricot parti and golden and cream solid coloured. 
We anticipate very much the same again

The photos's here are all of last years pups


Last Years Pups




After much searching 9 years ago I came across Diddlington Doodles, as we were  looking to get a Labradoodle. As luck would have it there was one little 4 legged girl waiting for us and she became our first Diddlington Doodle. Sarah was super professional, interviewing us and making sure we were the right fit to take care of one of her precious pups.

The preparation of taking on a pup is huge and we had, had a dog before but with Sarah’s help and set up procedure as well as the 'get you started kit' everything went very well. Our girl, Bolt, was super gentle and grew into our family immediately. She had the most beautiful gentle kind nature. Easy to train with a lots of cuddles kinda gal. 

In 2022 I contacted Sarah again as we were looking to get another doodle and as luck would have it puppy doodles were coming!  We were so excited and couldn’t wait to visit. When allowed to visit I took my son (age 11) with me and we were allowed to choose our puppy. Sarah is strict with when you can visit and that’s down to the welfare of Mum and pup. Two litters had been born within days of each other so Sarah’s large country kitchen housed 2 mums with their litters in pens you can only envy.  With the pups in the house they easily become very used to everyday sounds, people coming and going, the TV and all manner of everyday life. 

Throughout the journey with Sarah the pups are taught all sorts of fancy activities to do with sound, touch and handling, toilet training and even getting used to using a crate. Clever stuff!!!

Once our pup was ready to collect we returned to Wales. The pups were growing fast and seeing them all bounce around with their toys was a joy. Sarah set up the chipping of the pups, a get you started bag of goodies (essential) all the paperwork regarding food and what to do and not,  as well as their first vaccinations. 

10 months on and our girl Harley is a bundle of joy, gentle well behaved and full of love. Her nature is gentle, loving and super bright when it comes to training. At a very young age she just lay in the shop or sat when taking a coffee with a friend, an unbelievable playful well behaved  beautiful dog whom we adore. 

We have continued with the same feeding plan Sarah recommended and that’s been a blessing, all the correct amounts and Harley loves it. 

Thank you Sarah for being such a fabulous, caring and devoted breeder. I saw the hard work you put in with the mums and pups and I take my hat off to you for you absolute love and dedication to your profession. 


We might be back next year to get another one...

BIG LOVE to you and all the furry ones  


Deb & Oscar .

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