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Previous Pups and Parents
Meeshka and Digby
and Parents


Meeshka and Digby's Final Litter of Standard F2B British Labradoodle Puppies


Meeshka and Digby's Puppies were born on 13th June and will be ready to leave us as from 8th August - we are happy to keep pups on if holidays are booked, during which time we can get the second vaccination done and carry on with house training, socialisation etc.


Meeshka had eight pups in all and they are all big strong healthy babies!


These pups will have exceptional temperaments and have varying coats from curly like Digby's to silky wavy coats more like Mum but will be low moulting. The curly coats will be virtually non shedding.

These are past puppies and parents 

All Sold!

Meeshka - Mum
Now Retired

Meeshka is the most fabulous dog. She is a standard F1 Labradoodle having a labrador Mum and a Standard Poodle Dad. She has been pinched by my daughter and now lives with her in Brighton - I just managed to persuade her to let me have Meeshka back for her final litter! Everbody who meets Meeshka falls in love with her. She is a very gentle and loving dog, but still full of fun and energy. She goes riding with my daughter, loves to play ball and is a great promenader along the beach in Brighton! She loves everbody and is excellent with other dogs, cats etc.

Meeshka is fully health tested with a good BVA Hip and Elbow Score and has a current clear BVA Eye certificate.

Digby - Dad

Digby is my Pride and Joy! He was in fact the very first Didlington Doodle to be born and has been spoiled rotten ever since - although I don't tell the others he has to be the best dog I have ever had! He has the most superb personality and is virtually human. He is full of fun and energy, is incredibly bright (usually to his own advantage!), and he is Number one dog in every way possible! His pups have all proved to be exceptional, with many going on to become assistance dogs, but most are just wonderful family fpets and friends. He loves children, other dogs, our cats and everybody. Indeed a very special dog.

Digby is fully Health Tested with a Good BVA Hip and Elbow Score, he has a current clear BVA Eye Certificate and has been PennHip Scored with good results and no evidence of DJD


Slideshow of Present Pups, and grown up Meeshka and Digby pups from previous litters.
Click on image of Meeshka on left to view



At present we have no pups available


F2 Labradoodle Pup

Pascha - Standard

F2 Labradoodle Bitch Pup

Pascha is now approaching 18 weeks and is growning into the most fabulous dog. She is full of fun, very intelligent, fully vaccinated, microchipped, fully vet checked twice with no problems and is house and lead trained. She has a slightly wirey, very curly low shedding coat. She loves everybody and is used to lots of other dogs and our cats. She will make the most fabulous family pet and will be great fun to train.


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