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Celeste and Hector 2015



Celeste’s puppies have arrived!


She had a beautiful litter of four gorgeous babies - two girls and two boys! She had a hector 'Look-a-like' tuxedo boy, and the other three pups all had very good curly coats and a lot of white. So they were Mis-Marks and not ture Tuxedo's or Parti's. Height wise the pups will range between about 19" and 21" at the shoulder - true mediums.


Both Celeste and Hector have lovely temperaments and they have both produced some exceptional puppies in the past that have made fabulous family pets. Celeste has been PennHip scored (an American system which measures the laxity of the hip joint and is far more accurate in determining whether the dog has a propensity to hip dispacia) and the results of this confirm that there is no evidence of DJD (degenerative joint disease, which causes hip dysplacia) and Celeste’s parents both had good BVA hip scores. Celeste also has a clear BVA eye certificate as does Hector. Hector too has been PennHIP scored and his result is exceptional - he has tighter hips than over 90% of ALL Labradoodles PennHIP scored and again has no evidence of Degenerative Joint Disease.


The pups leave us at eight weeks having had their first vaccination, been micro chipped and fully vet checked a few . He/she will have been wormed three times since birth and Mum has been on a regular three monthly worming program. Details of the wormers used and a full medical history will be given to new owners when the pups are

collected so that their vet can plan future health care.


This is Chiko. He really is the most delightful puppy, very happy and loving and full of mischief! He has a beautiful coat and has a lot of white on him making him very distinctive. He is now 9 weeks old and due to have his second vaccination next week. He has been fully vet checked with no problems, has had his first vaccination and he has been microchipped. Chiko now has a lovely new home.


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