Zita and Nantucket 2020























































Our Final Zita and Tux Litter of

F1B Standard Cockerpoo's is Anticipated for the

Spring of 2020

Please contact us if you would like to be added to our waiting list


Zita and Nantucket 2018

F1B Standard Cockerpoo's - Our First litter of Cockerpoo's

Due in Mid September


These pups were much bigger dogs than the Miniature Poodle Cross Cocker Spaniel Cockerpoo's - which is the normal mix. Zita herself is from a Standard Poodle Mum and Show Cocker Dad so is also bigger. The temperament and demeanour of this cross is also different.

We were very excited about this breeding as both Zita and Tux have the most fabulous temperaments, good health testing and both have produced exceptional pups in the past. The pups turned out to be pretty special! We had a fabulous mix of colours -  some brown and white parti's, and some solid browns including what we think was a phantom colouring. We didn't have any creams or apricots as Tux doesn't carry these colours.

Our puppies are NOT early spay/neutered although they are only sold as pets and will not be sold for breeding.


There are lots of pics and updates on our dogs and pups on our Facebook page - Labradoodles, Didlington Doodles - so do have a look if interested

This is Jack

who's on his way to

New York!

I think he's

a little bit


This is Lottie
One of Zita and Tux's

F1B Standard Cockerpoo Pups from 2018

She's absolutely Divine!!

Previous Pups

Raff - One of Zita's Pups from 2017

Mabel and Raff in Switzerland - Both Zita Pups 

I Would Say Raff Has a 'Wool' Coat!!


Another Zita Pup From 2017  

A Clone of Mum!

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