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The True Standard Labradoodle is over 20" at the highest point of the shoulder. This is generally a Labradoodle produced by initially crossing a Standard Poodle with a Labrador Retriever . Some Labradoodles can be very large going up to almost 27 inches at the shoulder - here of course, the height is coming from the Standard Poodle. The lower end of the height scale being nearer the 20 inches is known as a small standard and the higher end as a large standard, those measuring around 24" are considered medium standards.


The True Medium Labradoodle is between 17 inches and 20 inches. This is generally a Labradoodle produced by crossing a labrador with an up to height Miniature Poodle (15 inches).


The True Miniature Labradoodle is between 14 and 17 inches. This is the crossing between a small Miniature Poodle (or even a toy poodle) and a small labrador.


It is important to note that the Medium and the Miniature Labradoodles are produced by using a Labrador bitch and a Miniature Poodle dog. Great care needs to be taken with this breeding due to the differing sizes of the dog and the bitch. Predictiction of the size of the pups can be difficult as even a small Labrador can have 'height ' in her background which can be passed on to the pups, so just because you breed a small Labrador with a small Miniature Poodle does not mean that the pups will be small.


















































Labradoodle Temperament:


This is should be one of the most important aspects when choosing a dog as a family pet. In our opinion the Labradoodle has it all!! It is confident, joyful, vivacious, clown-like, very sociable and friendly with both people and other dogs. They are totally non-aggressive, clever and extremely intuitive. Because of these attributes they are of course well suited for the special work for which they were originally bred such as Therapy Dogs, Assistance Dogs, Hearing or Seizure Alert Dogs, and Guide Dogs. They respond well to positive training methods and become loyal and devoted to their family members. Many love water and like the Poodle and Labrador are natural swimmers and retrievers. They are affectionate and loving, active and athletic - they also make fantastic agility dogs - but when being given the opportunity of a cuddle are as soft as butter!













































We believe that Labradoodles make the most Perfect Family Pets!


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