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ZITA - Standard Cockerpoo

BINKA - F1 Miniature Labradoodle


STROODLE - F3 Labradoodle



Parti Miniature Labradoodle


Didlington Puffin. She was bred by us and was Hectors full sister. The wonderful Digby was her Dad and the gorgeous Pandi her Mum. Both also bred by us. Puffin was an absolute delight and had the most superb temperament. She loved everyone, especially children. She was incredibly bright and easy to train, full of fun and just fab! She was health tested and her PenHIP results were absoutely brilliant. 

Puffin had two litters of superb black and white parti coloured pups

This is Madame Zita of Didlington. She is fully health tested and has a good hip score and has a clear BVA Eye Certificate. Zita is a Cockerpoo, but she is a Standard Poodle x Show Cocker Spaniel, so she is slightly bigger. She had her first litter in 2014 and produced some stunning pups with Digby as Dad, They had  exceptional coats. Zita has the most fantastic temperament and she loves everybody and craves 100% attention at all times!


Zita went on to produce utterly beautiful puppies for us including Australian Type Labradoodles and F1B Standard Cockerpoo's. The colours were fab including cream, caramel, brown, black and white and brown and white parti's, cream and white tuxedo. Amazing!!


Zita has now gone to a new family and istheir pride and joy. We get regular updates on her activities and she is very happy.



This is Didlington Pandi. She is a miniature F1B Labradoodle. She is about 15"/16" at the shoulder and is a sweet, gentle dog. She is fully health tested with a BVA hip score of 6 and clear BVA eye certificate. She is Hector and Puffin's Mum. She has had some super pups to date and will produce parti's, blacks, and browns with the right dog.


This is Didlington Puddie

She is a Miniature F1B British Labradoodle

Mum is an F1 Miniature Labradoodle and Dad a KC Registered Parti Poodle

She Measures 16 1/2" at the shoulder and is a very sweet, gentle girl and much loved here, although she can be a little shy of people she doesn't know once she knows you she loves a cuddle and is immensley loyal.

Puddie has had some outstanding parti and tuxedo pups with Hector as Dad 



Puddie with her Litter of Tuxedo and Parti Coloured Newborn Pups


The Beautiful Celeste


All the photo's on this website are owned by Didlington Doodles and no one has the right to reproduce or use them without prior permission!

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