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After all the press recently of Doodles becoming tricky pets and being abandoned or left in dog homes we'd like to pass on to you how amazing our dog Millie is. Tilly is a great dog for my mum and Steve and the puppies are awesome. I have successfully trained Millie to be a great trail dog and she joins me on heaps of bike rides, sledge runs and all kinds of adventures which she is always loves and is such as super character to have with us on our adventures. At home she is lovely with my kids and all their mates too, so a big big thank you to you all at Didlington Doodles!!!!

Adam L. , Zug , Switzerland


Three weeks ago we received the most wonderful 18 week old puppy he is playful intelligent and incredibly affectionate in fact having read all the testimonials he is everything that can be expected from a Didlington Doodle. We contacted Sarah and John about the possibility of having a puppy sent out to Hong kong and i can say that on both sides there was a fair amount of soul searching to find the right puppy as it is of coarse a potentially fraught and traumatic ordeal for such a young puppy to be subjected. Sarah and John where incredibly conscientious about making sure that the right puppy was selected and would be robust enough to make the transition comfortably and while we where waiting for the pet passport and his travel arrangements to be finalised, Sarah was busy training him to be comfortable in his crate and getting him used to traveling - in fact the entire process was managed seamlessly and our new puppy has surpassed anything we could have hoped for.  He is a bundle of energy and fun and we are thrilled.

Thank you again for such a perfect little chap

Tina and Robert





















One of our recent pups has become a Primary School Dog for a class of 7 year olds! This is his story so far! A wonderful email received recently! Thank you so much Lawrence!


"Hi Sarah Just to let you know that Bob is settling in really, really well. We had a good journey back, with mainly cuddles and sleeping, with just the odd whimper. As soon as we got home he was full of beans and raring to go. It soon became very apparent what fantastic socialisation and habitualisation he's had with you. When he saw his crate he jumped straight inside and had a quick lie down, and on several occasions has taken toys in there. With the nice weather, we've been out in the garden a lot, which he adores, and when our neighbour fired up his lawn mower, Bob wasn't phased in the slightest (nor so when their children started running and screaming around their garden). He's briefly met a couple of neighbours and their children, and was very confident. Miraculously, he's already started trotting to the back door whenever he wants the toilet!!! Most amazing, however, is that he slept through the first night without waking!!! He had his crate next to the bed and I was all ready to get up in the night and take him out, but when I got up at 7:20 he was still asleep. He's been having a wonderful time with his toys (he adores Bonzo), and is full of energy. So much so that every couple of hours he completely flakes out. He's eating and drinking well, exploring the house and garden with confidence, and hasn't shown any signs of nervousness or stress - he finds the whole world fascinating and is an absolute pleasure to be with. Thank you so much, Sarah - Bob is an adorable, loveable, confident and happy little pup. Whatever it is you do during your puppies' first couple of months, keep doing it because it's setting them up perfectly for the big wide world. I will keep you posted.."


Latest Update after joining his school! First of all, Bob is still absolutely adorable and doing just fine. He's settled into school and home life better than any of us could ever have expected. He's great in the car, in the classroom, at home. He interacts fantastically with the children and with other dogs (although he's still not sure about the neighbour's cat that often comes into school!). Everyone says how amazingly calm he is (although they don't know him as well as I do - he's a puppy and he has his moments :) House training was very quick, and no matter the location or situation he signals very clearly if he really needs to go by going and sitting or lying by the 'exit'. He's doing quite well on the harness/lead - still pulls a little, especially when he's excited, but he's getting better and better all the time. He took to it very quickly. Whenever we're off the road and there are no sheep about, he's off the lead, and he's brilliant. When he first started walking outside, we got him to sit/treat at every stile or gate before going through, and since being off the lead in fields has never gone through a stile or gate without waiting to be told it's OK. He even waited at an open gate once. At school he's fantastic whether in his crate during registration, in his big puppy pen, or free-ranging around the classroom. During the day he's always on the lead whenever we're outside, but once the children go home he's off the lead and loves running around the school field, and playing in the stream. We have Bob Monitors in the classroom: they choose which toys go in his puppy pen, they weigh out his lunch and change his water, the sometimes play with him in his puppy pen - he does love a nice belly rub! - and they walk him round the field at playtimes. At the moment they can't come on any of his longer walks outside of school (e.g. at lunchtime) as we need to sort out some logistics and form filling for that (i.e. "health and safety"). The children just love having their turn at being a Bob Monitor. One father told me that his daughter didn't sleep the night before she was going to be a Bob Monitor because she was so excited. We had our class photos last week, and once the photographer had sorted out where the children were going to stand/sit, I just took Bob over and he sat right at the front in the middle. He's such a poser - he sat up perfectly straight, and looked straight at the camera while several photos were taken. I think it's fair to say that the children absolutely adore Bob. Aside from school life, he's growing up very fast. I last weighed him a couple of weeks ago, and he was just over 11Kg. His furs getting quite long now and I'll have to think about taking him to the groomers at some point over the summer holiday. Though plenty comes out when Bob's brushed, everyone's amazed that he doesn't leave a single hair anywhere (the staff at school with Labradors are incredibly jealous, of course!!!). His fur's got a lot lighter and I would say that the new growth is curlier too - he looks more like Tao every day. I've attached some recent pictures for you. He started teething a couple of weeks ago, but thankfully he's got such a range of toys that he hasn't touched a single piece of furniture, and considering how much wood there is in my home, that's amazing! I've managed to find several of his teeth, which has been fantastic for the children: they've been looking at them with a magnifying glass. All but two of the children in my class are 'teething' themselves, so they know exactly what he's going through, and they've even been considering what the Dog Tooth Fairy is going to leave for Bob when I put his teeth under his pillow :) The only real issue I have now is that I don't exist anymore. All I ever hear is "Hello Bob, hello Bob!", or "Bob!!!!", or "Mummy, quick, come and see Bob!", or "Look, there's Bob!". Then a minute or two later I might be lucky enough to get a "Oh, hello Mr Canning" :)



















Message Received recently from one of our puppy owners - I am very honoured to have received such a wonderful words! Thank you so much Lorraine and I am thrilled that Sara and Dylan are such a huge success!


Love from Scotland

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to say a huge thank-you to you for the wonderful pups. You have a true gift. This planet is so blessed to have you bringing all these gorgeous creatures to our lives. I can never thank-you enough for Sara & Dylan. They are just DIVINE. He is such a big loving soul and she is a rascal!!!! Perfect in every way.

Much love to you Sarah,

Lorraine x


Testimonial from Shaun:

We bought our first dog and labradoodle who was a gorgeous black girl called Indi from Sarah at Didlington Doodles in 2014. When we decided that we wanted a 2nd we had no hesitation to contact Sarah to discuss getting another. We soon found out that Zita and Hector had been mated with pups already born and all the pups had homes except one a gorgeous little brown one. We had no hesitation in committing to this pup and called her Rosie. 


Sarah is a fantastic breeder she is diligent and wants to ensure that her pups go to a good home and is keen to find out how they get on once they have left her for the new families. For someone buying their first pup Sarah is full of advice on grooming, feeding and training as well as recommending books etc. The pups all come health checked with a month’s free insurance and food starter packs, which is a great help when it’s all new to you. A visit to Sarah’s house is always a fantastic experience if not a little crazy with a litter of puppies and several adult dogs eager to meet and greet you. The best thing about this is you get to see how beautiful and lovely all the dogs are. 


Both of our doodles have been very healthy, happy, friendly and playful dogs that have fitted perfectly into our life. They are both non moulting dogs which is great for the home and with their gorgeous looks they always have plenty of admirers. Walkies is their favourite time of the day and as our girls have become best friends the race around the country fields, river walks and the beach around us full of excitement and happiness which is a joy to watch. 


They have even adapted fantastically when their lives were turn upside down when we bought home our first child. Even though the last 12 weeks since she came into our family have been tough the girls have taken it all in their stride and have accepted her and continued to be the same great dogs.


I cannot recommend Diddlington Doodles enough for anyone wanting to bring a beautiful labradoodle into their lives.


Testimonial from Becky:


I bought our dog Mr McDougall from Sarah a year ago.  My mum has a Didlington Doodle, Wooster (a Zita/Digby cross) and having seen Woosters wonderful temperament and loving nature I knew that I wanted a puppy from Sarah too.  Sarah's puppies are born and bred in the home and from day one are around the usual household routine (washing machines, hoovers, radios, people in and out etc),  all the pups are brought up in a loving environment and when they are ready to leave their Mum they are confident and responsive. 


We picked up Mr McDougall (a Zita/Hector pup) in April 16 2016 so he has been with us for nearly a year.  Our children are two and five so it was very important to us that the dog we had was friendly, calm but also social.  Dougall has a nature that is second to none (I think he believes he is human), he loves being with the kids and never has never shown any side of aggression.  He is very intelligent and learns quickly therefore is highly trainable, he was fully housetrained within days of getting him (credit to the work that Sarah had put in before he came to us!).  He is a real character and is very much one of the family, we could not imagine life without him now.  I couldn't recommend Sarah more as a breeder!   


Testimonial from Ali:


We decided to get a Didlington Doodle puppy as we needed a dog with an excellent  temperament, as it would be working as a school dog at Ludlow Junior where we both work. We had the choice of two puppies hand picked by Sarah, they both had no shedding  fur (non allergenic) and were calm puppies. We chose Hamish. 



From the very beginning he was fantastic, completely house trained, sleeping through the night and well adjusted. As we have cats Sarah made sure that Hamish spent time with her cat so he was ready to get along with ours. He settled into life at home with us very quickly. Our cats have accepted him into the family and liked to licked by Hamish. He is our first dog so we read up lots before we had him. 


We used an amichien dog trainer to set us on the right road for managing behaviour but as Hamish was pretty calm already we didn't need to put too much into practice. 



At 14 weeks Hamish started going into Ludlow Junior  School to start learning to be a school dog. All the children were very excited to finally meet their new friend. In his first few months  Hamish spent time getting used to the school environment. It  took time for him to get used to the school hall, he found the slippery dark wooden floor quite daunting at first, but by building up his confidence he gradually got used to it, and now happily trots across it. 


Staff, pupils, parents and visitors enjoy Hamish's company. He has a calming effect wherever he goes. Pupils have to ask if they can stroke Hamish so that he is not approached by lots of children all  at once. He visits the top attendance class each week, he attends teachers meetings and even sits in on interviews. Now that he is one year old  he spends most mornings with the Emotional literacy support team working with pupils whilst they are having emotional support sessions. Just by being in the room, the children relax and open up. 


This term a team of children will become Hamish News Hounds  and write  pieces for Hamish's blog on the school website,. He already has 3 videos on you tube. He is becoming a very famous dog. 


Hamish is a calm but sensitive dog. He is aware of everything going on around him.  He likes to watch TV but barks at animals if he sees them, even cartoon ones!  He can sometimes take time to get used to a new environment. At 5 months we took him on a canal boat holiday he took everything in his stride and enjoyed sleeping with us on the boat and exploring the canal paths 




He is a very social dog and loves to play with other dogs, he has lots of doggie friends that he meets at the park in the afternoons. He is submissive when meeting dogs he doesn't know. He is well known in the village for getting older dogs to play who haven't played for years. His favourite game is to get other dogs to chase him with a ball. 


He loves to play rough and tumble with our daughter PJay but he instinctively knows that he cannot do this at school and is always calm with pupils. Our daughter  plays cricket, Hamish seems to understand the cricket boundary and never strays onto the pitch, doesn't chase the ball or greet PJay when she is playing. Clever dog. 




Hamish has been a super addition to our  family and school community. 


Testimonials Received in 2018



Harley's First year.


What can I tell you about Harley?

Height: to the shouler is 19"

Weight: 20.4kg

Coat: soft tight curls, thick and dense fleece, needs a full groom at least every 8 weeks.

Temprement: Very socialable with people, children and other dogs.

Health: had an eye problem at 9 months that lasted for 3 months assumed conjunctivitis maybe an allergy to something in the woods but has finally been resolved with antiobotic eyedrops. His teeth are getting a bit or tarter so I have been advised to introduce brushing, that's been interesting.

Neutering: Harley is due to have his neutering operation this Friday, he is displaying running off after the females and just a little too interested otherwise I would have left him longer.


Character: Harley has a very matter of fact character, at 6 months old when with the dog walker he was attacked by an English Bull Terrier they were both on the lead and just crossing over the road.  The Bull Terrier latched on to Harley's ear and would not let go and ended up ripping right through Harleys ear and nearly tore a piece off.  My dog walker rushed him to the vet and he was in surgery within the hour.

He had his head bandaged for 2 weeks and the 'cone of shame', the vet said he was very lucky to have saved his ear.  Within 2 days he was back out with his doggy friends and wanting to play as if nothing had happended, the vet said she is amazed that it hasen't had any lasting effects.  He still goes up to every dog he sees and introduces hiself and even if they growl or bark at him he looks at them to ask why and just moves along.

He loves to be where you are and will make sure he isn't far from you side has a loving personality and is a super companion. We went to Northumberland last week and introduced him to the sea he managed to dip his poors but he his not happy about large volumes of water in general.

He receives comments daily about his marking and asking where he same from and of course I tell them all about you.  Everyone loves him and his teddy like face and cuddly apprearance.

Thank you for breeding such a super labradoodle. 





Bilbo before he left us for warmer climes!!

Grown up Bob at School

Before and After Haircuts!

Hi Sarah


Zulu is still gorgeous!!


We’re going for a short coat at the moment as it is so hot here.  We had a lovely walk this morning with a friend and her dog down through the woods at Egypt (north coast) and down to the sea for a paddle.  Zulu still is not swimming but enjoys a paddle!


I walk Zulu for about an hour a day.  I find that he doesn’t necessarily need a lot of exercise but he does like mental stimulation and things going on.  He is great company and loves to be with me whatever I am doing!


House training was done really quickly, thanks to your good start and good instructions.  He is a very bright dog which is good for training but he can also use his intelligence to his own advantage!!  We did some puppy classes with him, really for socialisation and then I had some one to one training classes, which was really about training me to train Zulu!


Zulu is about 24inches to his shoulder and quite strong.  This would be something for a new owner to have in mind.  I would not trust my 10 year old son to be able to hold him if he wanted to chase a rabbit - of which there are so many here.  It should be in the training but the instinct is so strong.


Zulu has a loud deep bark, which we like as a warning when people come to the front door but is always friendly when people come in.


It’s definitely worth doing some research on different breeds before choosing a dog but I think that Zulu is perfect for us.


I love seeing your pictures on Facebook, your puppies are just so gorgeous!  

Dear Sarah


As promised, some recent pics of our gorgeous girl, Luna.


Luna's currently about 18 inches at the shoulder and we're not sure she'll grow much more - she's been that sort of size for a while now. A bit smaller than we had anticipated, but we're quite glad about that, given that she loves sitting on us/sleeping with us and is a bundle of energy!


As you know, we were first time dog owners so having someone (you!) who was so knowledgeable and willing to give us so much advice and information was wonderful. It gave me, in particular, a lot more confidence. I was also very reassured by how many questions you asked about our set up and the sort of environment and routine Luna would be coming into. It really showed how much you cared about your pups and spoke volumes about how they would be cared for in the early weeks. The chance to meet Luna at 4/5 weeks was honestly one of the most special days of our lives. You made us feel so welcome and it was so calm and cosy and safe. It was also great to meet Puffin and Tuck (Luna has her Dad's big personality, for sure!)


Luna has been such a wonderfully positive addition to our family unit. Our teenagers adore her, as do Nathan and I. She is hilarious and full of beans. She absolutely loves people. She greets everyone with huge enthusiasm if they show the tiniest amount of interest and positively smothers the people she particularly likes. She's also incredibly friendly around other dogs. Even when they're not friendly to her, she still wags her tail and tries to engage with them - I think she just can't believe that anyone wouldn't love her to bits!!! Luna is full of energy, so needs a long walk or two shorter walks every day, but that's been great for our fitness levels. Luna loves to chase - balls, our teenagers, other dogs. She's incredibly fast so other local dog walkers love her because she wears their dogs out! She likes to have her pack together, so if we all go out walking together, we have to all stay close to each other or else she starts rounding us up like sheep! She has a mischievous/comic streak, so if she gets hold of something forbidden (socks are her favourite!), she'll come and wave it about and bark to tease us because she wants us to chase her. When we finally confiscate it, she always looks really guilty!  She's not in the least bit nervous about new situations and is really good in pubs and cafes where she'll generally just lay under the table. Luna is an absolute Daddy's girl and likes nothing better than to drape herself across Nathan's knees and have her tummy rubbed!


Luna was pretty much fully housetrained when she came to us at 10 weeks old, for which we were very grateful. There were a few accidents early on, but that soon stopped. We took her out every hour or so when she was really little but after a few months she got into the habit of standing by the back door when she needed to be let out. We did basic training with Luna early on and also took her to puppy socialisation classes at the vets and then to a weekly puppy trainiing class. We used high value treats and consistent commands/hand signals, so she sits, stays, lays down (sometimes!) on command. We stopped going once she'd mastered the basics as we were not so bothered about her walking perfectly to heel at all times, which was the next step in the training. Our primary goal was to have a dog that we could walk off the lead, when we were in safe places away from traffic, so we started letting her off the lead at about 3 months old and really practiced hard with her recall. The high value treats came in really useful for that. She's off the lead for most of her walks now and although she does love to chase and play with other dogs, she'll always sit, stay and let us put her lead back on when asked. It's clear that Didlington Doodles are really bright. I'm sure that if we'd really gone for it, Luna would be super well trained and able to do all sorts of tricks and things, but we just wanted a friendly, loving, socialised dog who we could walk, travel with, take to cafes and who could cope with being on a lead in the city (she's been into Birmingham on the train several times and coped really well). We keep her brain active with things like hide and seek and putting treats inside several layers of boxes for her to find or inside 2-litre plastic bottles so that she has to work out how to get them out. 


I have to admit that we caved in early over sleeping arrangements. Luna didn't like her cage at all after the first couple of nights and became really upset whenever she was put in it. So, we got rid of it and she has multiple beds - downstairs for daytime snoozing and upstairs with our daughter at night. She loves sleeping on our beds with us and although the thought of it mildly horrified me before we had a dog, it's actually really lovely. She did go through a real chewing stage until she was about 7 or 8 months old, but as soon as she got all her adult teeth, it stopped. Luna is perfectly happy to be left on her own. We got a webcam when we first started to leave her to go to the shops or out to eat, but we needn't have worried - after the second or third time of leaving her, she just settled down in her bed and slept. I think she quite likes a bit of peace and quiet - on the days when someone is there 24/7 with her, you can tell that she's had quite enough of us by bedtime!


Luna isn't a morning dog at all. I had visions of early morning walks but she'd happily stay curled up with the teens in bed till lunchtime. She comes to life in the afternoons and early evening but then settles down again by 9pm. She's been really easy to feed. She had a combination of raw and kibble until she was about 7 months old and then just went off the raw food so now has a combination of wet and kibble. She's not a huge eater but she's also not fussy, which is great. She'd eat human food until the cows came home but she's confined to the odd roast dinner and scraps of cheese. We bake dog friendly treats (hence the carrot and peanut butter muffin with a candle on her birthday!) which Luna loves. 


Well, I could go on forever about Luna. We are all completely in love with her. She really has been the best thing to happen to our family. She's so friendly and loving and funny. When we go out and encounter other dogs, we realise what an amazing job you do, Sarah, raising such happy, well adjusted pups!


I hope all is well with you, Sarah, and that all goes well with Puffin's next litter! Let me know if you want any more info about Luna - I could bore for England about her!!!

Hi Sarah,
As promised I am letting you know how Tia is getting on. She is an amazing little puppy 🐶. She has had her puppy check at the vets who was very impressed with the folder that you gave to us. She went to a puppy class did most of it but not anything that was on the ground until her injections. Everyone that has met her think she is adorable and well behaved. So thank you for giving us such an amazing 🐶.

Hi Sarah 
Bolt had her 4th Birthday yesterday 😀 she’s the most gentle loving girl in the whole world. Your new site looks great and the photo gallery is adorable ♥️♥️ sending you all lots of love and licks xxxxxx 🐾🐾🐾🐾

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