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Our three information pages cover the history of the Labradoodle, Answers your questions about Labradoodle




(ie: what is an F1?)  Discusses Labradoodle Sizes, Coat Types, Temperament and a bit more.....























Is the Labradoodle Right for You?


The wonderful thing about Labradoodles is that they are unique - they are different, original and overflowing with character.  They make the most fantastic family dogs as they absolutely adore everyone .  They are very 'people friendly' and love other dogs/cats etc - although they can be very exuberant and always want to play and act the clown!  Labradoodles do need to be properly trained as otherwise they could get quite out of hand! This is something that is important to consider before buying a Labradoodle puppy - are you willing and able to put in the time to train your new puppy? As with most dogs you do need to be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort whilst your pup grows from puppyhood into adulthood and beyond.  All dogs need consistency with their training and they need to know who is the leader of the pack - which hopefully should be you!  There are lots of excellent books available on dog training, and it is a good idea to study these prior to making the decision to have a puppy.  I personally would recommend How to Train a Superpup by Gwen Bailey.  All puppies are gorgeous, there is no getting away from that fact, but to take on a puppy as a member of your family is a lifelong commitment, and you should make sure that you are prepared and ready to take this on.


Labradoodle History:


Right, so you have decided that the Labradoodle is right for you so here is a little background history as to why and how the Labradoodle came to be - it is fascinating reading.........


In the late 1980's a man called Wally Conran who ran Guide Dogs Victoria in Australia came up with the idea of mating one of his proven Labrador Retrievers with a Standard Poodle.  Just prior to this Wally had been contacted by a blind woman in Hawaii who also suffered from severe allergies.  She asked him if he could come up with a dog that could aid her with her everyday activities, but she had a problem because she suffered severe reactions to dog dander and fur.  Australia was the ideal place for her to go to search for a dog as it has strict quarantine laws, and because of this a dog could be imported directly into Hawaii without having to go into quarantine.  Walley chose one of his Labrador Retrievers who had specifically been bred as an assistance dog, and paired her with a Standard Poodle, a breed renowned for its intelligence, sensitivity and low shedding coat.  The poodle chosen was imported from Sweden, he was a white dog and was from working bloodlines.  The result of this first mating was three allergen reduced puppies that fit the requirements of assistance dogs and could also be matched with people who suffered from allergies.  This first litter Walley called 'Labradoodles' ...and the name has stuck!!


Since this initial breeding many people fell in love with the idea of breeding Labradoodles, and some began to breed back in more poodle to improve the coat and also started breeding Labradoodle to Labradoodle.  Many were aiming simply to breed fantastic family pets and didn't recognise that one of the main assets was the low or non-shedding coat.  Guide Dogs Victoria had limited success with their Labradoodles, and were not able to achieve enough consistency in order to turn them into a recognised breed.


There has been much in the press recently quoting the originator of the Labradoodle,Wally Cochran, stating his regret for what he did when he created the Labradoodle and his fear that he had opened an Pandora's Box. On some levels I agree with this - the birth of the Designer Dogs, along with the crossing of any type of dog with the Poodle to achieve a 'Doodle' has become rediculous, and although some crosses are successful many are not and should never have been even considered. Sadly it has also opened up the way for 'Puppy Farmers' and unscrupulous breeders to put any Labrador with any Poodle, or indeed any recognised dog breed with any Poodle and produce uncounted numbers of 'Doodle' puppies. I am appauled by the thought of the life that these poor breeding bitches have, in a situation where they breed litter after litter with no control and no care for them, often in squalid conditions - just because the sale of the cute little pups to pet shops or via the internet to the unsuspecting and uninformed public brings in good money. I just wish people would take more care when buying a puppy, because if we all stop buying from puppy farmers then it becomes a pontless exercise for them and this dreadful practice will stop.. I am thankful that most people who come to us for a puppy are well informed, have done a lot of research into what they are looking for, and take great care to find the right puppy for the right reasons.




























The wonderful Benji, one of Digby and Meeshka's Standard F2B pups who stayed with us for five months prior to travelling to the Cayman Islands

The next page covers Labradoodle generations (ie: F1, F2 etc) and different coat types


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Doodle Skies!

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