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About Us!

Stroodle - Our First Labradoodle

Didlington Doodles is a family hobby.  We have a passion for Labradoodles, Labradors, Standard Poodles and more recently we have introduced GoldenDoodles to our breeding programme. The more we do with them the more hooked we become!.  We have a small number of very special breeding dogs - our ultimate aim is to enhance the quality and standard of the British Labradoodle and GoldenDoodle.  Our bitches are never bred from more than once a year and depending on how they take to motherhood they have a maximum of up to four litters. Once finished being Mums they are spayed and sometimes (although this is terribly difficult) and if the perfect home comes along they are re-homed - usually to family or friends. Sadly we can only keep a limited number of dogs if we are to continue with our breeding program. (If you are interested in adopting one of our ex-breeding bitches in the future and can offer the perfect home, please contact us).  Our aim is to breed healthy, happy and beautiful family pets, bred from health tested parents, with good conformation and above all excellent temperaments.


About twenty years ago I saw my first 'Doodle' and was overwhelmed by him - I had never heard of Labradoodles before, and like everyone else, wasn't entirely sure whether I was having my leg pulled or not!!  However, I was assured that Labradoodles were for real and I was also told a little about their history and why they were originally bred.  I was fascinated and then spent many hours, days, months and yes years, researching into this wonderful, and relatively new breed.  I had grown up with labradors and poodles and felt sure that a mating between the two to produce a labradoodle would be an excellent cross.  Both dogs carry wonderful traits, and are such perfect family pets - put the two together and I felt certain you would end up with something very special indeed.


Of course I wanted one! ..............and so I started the long search for a suitable pup.  My hopes right from the start, if all went well, were to ultimately aim to breed a small number of top quality labradoodles, with particular care taken on their type, conformation, health testing and particularly their temperaments.  I was finally put in touch with Cotswold Labradoodles and found Stroodle - our beautiful F3 cream bitch who’s Mum is Ellie and Dad, Cosmo.

The Beautiful Stroodle 
L. With Woozle and R. Watching Bruce 

When we went to see the pups at 6 weeks, out of all the pups it was Stroodle who came bounding up to us on arrival - she had already been picked out for us by Fiona as one of the best bitches, so it was extraordinary how she knew we were to be her 'people'!  


At the same time I also set out to find a very special labrador bitch puppy with the view, again if all went well, for her to start our own line of Didlington Doodles when the time was right.  I found Pindy, a beautiful black puppy from a top class field trials strain, and again there was no question which pup from the litter was coming to us!  The other extraordinary thing is that both pups were born on the same day - so there was a link between them right form the start.  Both pups arrived shortly after the New Year in 2004 and our house has never been quite the same since!!



















Now a number of years later I can honestly say that my initial instincts about labradoodles were absolutely right.  They are the most fabulous, fun, bouncy, crazy, loving and loyal dogs I have ever come across.  They also have a highly developed sense of humour and are very intelligent.  They are always up to some wicked trick - you can almost see their thought patterns as they try to think of something to make you laugh!  A labradoodle is not for the faint hearted, they love lots of attention, walks and fun.  They also love everybody and every thing - even our cats nearly get flattened with licks and kisses when they come home - although of course the cats do have the upper hand in the animal hierarchy!  I don't think there is an ounce of malice in Stroodle, as I said she loves everybody and all other dogs too - but they can be over exuberant so do need to be properly trained.  


Being such sociable dogs they would not be happy left for hours on their own.  I would therefore not advise anyone who was out at work all day to have a labradoodle and indeed we would not let one of our pups got an 'out at work all-day family'! it is also not fair on a young dog to 'pop back home at lunch time to let it out!'


Our Present Breeding Program


Now some twenty years after our initial discovery of the Labradoodle we are well established in our breeding program, although with each litter we often seem to discover something new to add to our knowledge! We aim to breed about four litters a year, and are receiving emails and phone calls daily, either through word of mouth or via internet search engines. Initially we started in Didlington in Dorset, hence the name! and in 2013 we moved to our new home in Shropshire. We have more space for our Doodles and we all live in the most idyllic and beautiful setting.


In 2018 we became fully Council Licensed.

After thorough checks to ensure the pups are going to the right homes, we are happy to export our puppies abroad, both internationally and to Europe.  We work closely with Petair UK ( who liaise with the client and we find them excellent.  We now have Didlington Doodles in wonderful new homes in Jersey, Holland, Switzerland, Malta, Hong Kong, The USA and The Cayman Islands


We are also now offering a delivery service within the UK for our pups, but do insist that new owners come to visit us initially in order to meet Mums, Dads and the pups and to see where they are born and brought up. As far as is possible we do  like to meet all our prospective new owners. Most of our pups leave us at 8 weeks, but it is possible for us to keep them for a little longer if required to help with holiday dates etc. We obviously make a small charge for this and also for delivery

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